Anovos - First Order - Captain Phasma Helmet
(The Force Awakens)

Review - February 2018. Anovos is the recipient of the "Costuming" license from Disney/Lucasfilm - so thankfully we no longer have to rely on the shoddy business practices from EFX. Collectors were hoping that Anovos would be able to demonstrate some quality Customer Service, although it sounds like that's not always been the case. However they are getting replica helmets and costumes out in numbers now - so things are looking more positive for collectors.

Looking specifically at the Captain Phasma we have been contacted by buyers who were disappointed initially by the delays on this item - then the delivery of a number of helmets which suffered with cracking of the lacquer top coat - so it was with some trepidation that we ordered one - opting for an eBay seller who offered a full refund policy. Its worth mentioning that we received ZERO help from Anovos - despite many promises over the last couple of the years to the contrary.

We're pleased to say that the helmet we received had a pretty good (though not perfect) finish - however what helps this particular helmet is it's weathered/combat-used finish so any blemishes are not so noticeable. However based on this helmet we'd be wary of them offering a pristine "Last Jedi" Captain Phasma - as it currently looks beyond them.

Chrome finishing aside - Phasma obviously has its styling's based on the standard First Order Stormtrooper designs - although her helmet has a much more pleasing angled- and detailed appearance. Made out of fiberglass, Anovos has done a really great job - and has presumably based their helmet on the Lucasfilm digital files. It looks great and the chrome finish is (mostly) very impressive

There are plenty of (intended) scuffs, marks and blaster damage across the helmet - which not only look great also hide some slight dimples which seem to have come out of the casting and chrome process. To be fair Sideshow also realised that a perfect chrome finish was always setting themselves up for a fall with their Terminator range - so mass-produced chroming is always going to be problematic.

All the detailing from the original is there, and the weight of the fiberglass coupled with the nice padded interior makes this helmet feel like a real quality, professional replica. Irrespective of the "Costuming" license Anovos has - we're really in the Master Replicas/EFX "Prop Replica" territory here 

Note the stand you can see in these photos is an EFX - as Anovos do not unfortunately provide stands or plaques with their helmets. That's a real shame but may well be down to the "Costume" licensing points we referred to earlier. Given there are numerous opportunities for 3rd party stands (chrome kitchen towel holders anyone?) - plus a few people on eBay selling custom plaques - there are options out there if you really need these display items.

Below a close-up of some of the weathering and "grind" around the right temple area.

Below a shot of the rear quarter - which also demonstrates the chrome's mirror-like finish in places.

Another shot of the front weathering - with some light scratching of the chrome but only really noticeable on very close inspection. As mentioned earlier the weathering really does its job on this helmet!

Finally a front-on shot from a slightly lower angle than the photo at the top of the page. We've probably gone a little over-kill on photos but we did want to show this helmet off as it does look extremely impressive. It definitely has the "wow"factor.


Anovos Captain Phasma Vs. 501st/Premier Line Stormtrooper Helmets

Here are some comparison shots against the Anovos fiberglass 501st First Order Stormtrooper (effectively the Premier) Helmet
Seeing them side by side the most noticeable differences (finish aside) is the lower jaw line - and just how Captain Phasma's helmet is just a sharper, more aggressive looking design.
The extra detailing down the centre of the dome - plus around the jaw and nose lines really helps accentuate the harsh and mean features of this Captain. Hopefully we get to see this really great character again, but we're not holding our breath!