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Darth Vader Reveal Bust

Well here's an interesting development. Its been at least a decade since Illusive Concepts produced a Darth Vader reveal bust so its good to see a current Licensee approaching this subject. Shown off at the recent San Diego Comic Con in July 09, SSC's Vader does look promising...

The helmet likeness looks good - clearly cast off some kind of original source, although comments we received from people at the show suggested a potential helmet placement issue. This is clearly their prototype so there's time to put this right but we'll be keen to get our hands on a production version to give a thorough review.

Its a full 1:1 bust and like other Sideshow life-size's it uses the same design of stand used across the whole range.  The chest armor looks good and the leather trimming on the cape looks about right, as does the chain.

Removing the dome and the top half of the face reveals a likeness of Sebastian Shaw, who played him in RotJ. We have yo say that we were slightly relieved that this wasn't an aged Hayden Christiansen!

..and when you see this menacing pose it does look very impressive. We're similarly impressed with the detailing on the upper face - again to caveat this with the fact that this is the prototype - but hopefully everything will be present on the full production versions.

The whole thing is a mix-and-match s can be assembled with or without Dome, Face or Head so I imagine buyers are going to have a lot of fun testing different combinations out. Note that as a bust its NOT wearable - but the to have made it so would not only have cut across other Licensees, it would also have compromised what Sideshow has achieved. Even the neck brace looks good!

Here's a final shot courtesy of Art Andrews, taken at Comic Con. Looking at it as a whole it looks like an extremely nice collectible that fans are really going to like. Its price tag is a fairly steep $1,200 - which in these challenging times will be a tough figure for many people. A run of 1000 is expected.

Sure there are going to be people who are going to like certain parts of it, and from our perspective we hope they sort out the dome placement issue. However all the separate elements are of a high enough quality to produce a single entity that will be the centre point of many fans' collections. For production two "versions" were produced with the only difference being the addition of a separate plastic stand to display the face and dome if the Anakin head was in place. The total run was around 1,500 (not finally confirmed) so picking one up from eBay shouldn't be a chore.

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