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Wedge Antilles X-Wing Pilot Helmet


Released in 2013, this was EFX's third X-Wing pilot helmet, each one effectively being the same helmet mould, but with a differing paint job. So after two versions of Luke Skywalker's helmet (ANH and ESB versions here) it's good to see them go for a different character. However given the mail we receive on the subject, I think many like us wouldn't be at all disappointed if EFX produced a couple more versions, maybe Biggs and Porkins?

Like the Luke helmets this is one of EFX's "Limited Edition" helmets so it's all about replicating the looks of the original helmet, rather than the actual materials they were made of. So this is solidly constructed fiberglass helmet, that's fully lined with leather ear cups, fixed visor, chin cup and  Racal minilight microphone. As you can see it also comes with the attractive stand and plaque (which has a typo btw!)
As its one of EFX's "LE" helmets its not cast from a physical casting of an original prop, but a digital scan of an E-Wing helmet. Because of that there's always likely to be more cleanup - and looking at this helmet the curvature of the right side of the Mohawk doesn't show off the small ding we're used to seeing on the original X-Wing and TIE helmets - but that's a small point as overall it does look really great.

Even though its made of fiberglass, that's not to the detriment of quality and some of the more nuanced features of the originals have been replicated well - for example the three slits above the visor are not just grooved into the fiberglass but actually slits like on the originals.

Above and below, If you compare it with the original helmet you can see that it has a fairly accurate paint job - considering these are mass produced in their hundreds. Many would argue that it's never going to be as good as a custom paint job by an individual artist - but overall it's still pretty good and shows how far companies like MR and now EFX has come in reproducing complex prop paint schemes.

Bwlow a close up of the rigt hemisphere, you can see the "stipple" like paint effect used on the Mohawk section and well as the weathering/scratches into the green section.

From the side you can see the placement of the decals is spot-on. The decals really are ultra thin as there's hardly any bump if you move your nail across them. However they're well protected under a layer of acrylic or something - so they'll not rub off!

Below, from behind the weathering is quite heavy in places - perhaps too much?

This was a "limited edition" of 750 helmets, perhaps a little too many for one of the less known characters props, which probably explains why you can still pick one up on EFX's website (Aug 14). Makes us wonder if there was originally going to be be 500 LE's and another 250 signature/SE's, but the latter never transpired.

...oh and before anyone says anything, we know Wedge was "Red Leader" in ESB, but to us he'll always be "Red 2" from ANH to us! So in summary another really nice helmet from EFX and one that's certainly worth picking up if you have $600 to spend. Note that there are quite a few of these knocking around on eBay so you might be able to snag one for less.