Miscellaneous Don Post Helmets & Masks


Don Post Deluxe X-Wing Helmet

You don't see many of these around. I think it was probably quite a small run and like the other Deluxe Range was made of fiberglass and then detailed on the interior.

DP Deluxe Anakin Pod Racer Helmet

Again this one was not a big seller, however it was an extremely impressive prop replica from Don Post. Only 25 or so were ever made.

Above and below, Merlin K sent me these pics of his Don Post Deluxe Pod Racer helmet he got back in 1999. As previously mentioned there were not many Deluxe helmets made and the range was a disappointment to Don Post who were expecting the new movies to match the merchandising hype of the original movies.

As you can see the finish from Don Post was excellent, with the shroud area made of suede. Not sure how many were made by Merlin K's was marked as #2!


Don Post  - Standard Range

Don Post also produced a range of Cheap masks and Helmets, which typically retailed for around $50-$60, and some of them like the Biker Scout and Imperial Guards were extremely good

X-Wing (DP Ref 82026) - Comes ready padded, with a working visor and a really good helmet, especially as it was so cheap (typically $50-$60). Again Rubies are manufacturing their version of this and it looks exactly the same

Above is the very hard to find DP Imperial Royal Guard (DP Ref 82020). I managed to get mine off a fellow Props board member, and it has been completely sanded down, re-sprayed with a new visor fitted to more closely match the "real" ROTJ version. As you can see below, the finish is much improved.


Don Post  - Prototype Battle Droid

This "helmet" never made it to production but here's a couple of photo's of the prototype TPM Battle Droid head.

Its a shame the helmet/costume design for The Phantom Menace was so poor as it really didn't give Don Post much of a chance and unfortunately the range really suffered, as did the company subsequently.