DP Deluxe Biker / Scout Trooper

The this is a real rarity! Don Post brought out the later additions to the "Deluxe" range just at the wrong time, when interest in the movies had dipped to a real low point before Episode I. Only 25 of the Deluxe Scout helmets were ever made due to lack of interest so they're quite rare.

Its current owner, Brian lives in Encino, CA which is only about 8 miles or so from where Don Post Studios was located. He therefore took the opportunity to pay them a visit following a phone call and found an employee who was willing to part with it! 

Brian suggests that as there's only 25 of them out there (and GL supposedly has #1), maybe you guys should get together and form your own club!! 

Thanks to Neil for sending me these pics and to Brian for letting us all see this ultra-rare helmet from Don Post, one of jus 25 ever made. This one is marked Number 2!

Below a great comparison from Andrea comparing the DP Deluxe with the Altmann's.


Don Post Biker - Standard Helmet

Don Post also produced a range of Cheap masks and Helmets, which typically retailed for around $50-$60, and some of them like the Biker Scout and Imperial Guards were extremely good

The DP Scout Trooper, as with all Don Post Star Wars helmets is no longer made. If you want one you can try ebay for one. When Rubies took over the license they produced the same cheap vinyl helmet - but unfortunately not the fiberglass Deluxe.