E-FX Collectibles Limited Edition
RotJ Biker Scout / Scout Trooper Helmet

(April 2018 edit: click here updated page with the actual release helmet)


July 2014 and after months (years?) of waiting, EFX announced the pre-orders for TWO variations of the Biker Scout helmet from RotJ, a Limited Edition non-weathered fiberglass version - and a weathered Legend Edition made from ABS like the originals. So first up we're going to look at the Limited Edition...

These first photos are all courtesy of fellow-prop collector Shadow from Rebelscum and were taken at San Diego Comic Con in July  - thanks to him for letting us us share them here.

So as the plaque suggests, these are of the prototype Limited Edition version of the forthcoming helmet - so we're looking at the mainly Fiberglass variant here. Though most die-hard collectors are more interested in the Legend Edition (which will be made of ABS Plastic like the original we are told) - the Limited Edition will still be very popular as will be sold in this clean / non-weathered state.

EFX has used casts off the original mouldings/tools used to create the screen-used helmets for its replicas - so expectations are very high.

Above a quarter right shot showing the pivoting visor section and rear decals - and below a shot of an original for comparison. Apart for the differences due t the materials used (Fiberglass Vs ABS) and the surface finish/weathering it looks to be a really great replica (edit: little did we know!)

Below a final shot from SDCC - not sure who the photographer is  - so our thanks to him/her.

Below the official shots from EFX of the same prototype helmet.

Well first off if you want to get acquainted with the original Scout Helmets then check out our review of a screen-used original here and our Youtube video of the same helmet here.....

SO for this preview we're basing our views on the limited images that have surfaced so far (most of which came from EFX)- and the limited additional information EFX has released so far. So our understanding is that the moulds for both the Limited and Legend helmets were made from the original ILM mould's - so that's a really great start already.

We're not sure of the construction of the fiberglass Legend Edition, but its unlikely to have the same complicated five-part design of the originals (specifically we're thinking about the split visor here), but certainly that shouldn't impact on the way it looks. Since like the other Limited Edition helmets it's made of fiberglass it should have a decent weighty feel to it.      

Nice shot from the side, and below a photo showing the visor raised up - so again a tick for that too. We'll have more info on this as they start to shop Q4 of this year (fingers crossed!). (2018 Edit: guess we should've been wary that there were no photos of it from above!)


E-FX Collectibles Legend Edition
RotJ Biker Scout / Scout Trooper Helmet

Again more Studio shots from EFX, but this time their "Legend Edition" version of the same helmet. This time its made from vac-formed ABS like the originals, which ironically is cheaper to fabricate than Fiberglass, which is why the original were made of ABS. Whereas conversely, the apparently cheaper-made helmets are the more expensive to buy - since its actually more difficult to mass-produce a quality finished prop replica in ABS. But that's the price you pay for a higher degree of realism and we're certainly not complaining!

Note that all the Legend Edition helmets have been weathered in line with the reference prop EFX used at ILM - which unfortunately was a pretty-poorly weathered helmet. However, we don't think there was much EFX could do, so have weathered their replicas with a similar "screen-accurate" but heavy-handed black spray finish. It's a shame ILM's wasn't finished like the PropStore Biker Scout we had access to a while back - but the reality is they've emulated the helmet they had access to.

Note we've not seen any inside shots but we understand that there won't be a hard-hat liner, which is a bit of a shame for a "legend" piece and a point we think EFX should reconsider.

Above, rear show showing the bulbous back section. Note that we're not clear yet how the Legend Edition will be fabricated. The originals were actually made in two half's which were glued, filled and painted. We don't think the Legend will be done this way but have yet to have confirmation from EFX on this. Note that this poses a dilemma for EFX as the shape of the visor section (effectively an "n" shape) poses too great an undercut for traditional vac-forming, which is again why the visors on the originals were made in two sections and glued together. So it will be interesting to see how EFX resolves this, although we're hoping they don't make too many compromises on a "legend" edition helmet!

Note as well that the Legend Edition comes with a replica solid resin Biker Scout pistol, which is a nice idea although could be a nightmare for customers outside the US. We'll have more info on this hopefully later this year.