Altmanns Imperial Royal Guard Helmet
(IRG) from Return of the Jedi

Altmann's Star Wars replica helmets varied hugely in quality. On one extreme they produced some really excellent replicas with the Biker Scout, Imperial Guard and Boussh helmets. However their Stormtrooper and Darth Vader were really quite disappointing. Seems odd that their most important helmets (from a sales perspective) were the ones that they had most problems with.

A helmet that was certainly one of their better ones was the Imperial Royal Guard...

Many thanks to Electropunk for these great shots of his Altmann's IRG, a licensed helmet that is somewhat of a rarity.

Not sure of the scale but given Altmann's did such a good job with the other Return of the Jedi helmets, we expect that this is pretty much 1:1 like the Don Post. However its an improvement over the DP since its made of a more reflective material (the DP was slush formed latex).

Therefore out the box it looks more accurate than the Don Post, matching the finish of the screen-used helmets which were vac-formed from ABS. The visor does look a little bit oversize but that's the only thing we can point at.

So with the IRG, Altmann's managed to produce a really nice looking helmet. Its just a shame that many of their other helmets were so much less accurate. Again thanks to Electropunk for the great pics.

The Imperial Guard looks rather nice, and is one of Altmann's better helmets and certainly an improvement over an unmodified  Don Post. The image to the left is from Altmanns official catalogue and the one on the right is from BothanSpy's personal collection.