Altmann's Boushh Helmet

So the ONLY licensed company to make a Boushh helmet was (Steve) Altmann - at least a decade ago. Not sure if they were an "official" helmet or not but seemingly only very small numbers of them were ever produced.

Nevertheless they produced a really cool looking helmet. Below is Michelle Yarwood's (BH8500) complete Boushh Costume which we can honestly say is amazing. Clearly a lot of work went into this with the Altmann's Hemet a great starting point.

Not sure of the history of this helmet but a presuming that Steve Altmann based his helmet on the original production drawings in order to get such a close match. Whatever Altmann's did - it was a fine job.

Above and below a couple more excellent shots of the Altmann's Boushh taken by Michelle's boyfriend Simon

The helmet has been revised slightly, specifically around the upper visor section where the leather cowl around the rear and the snout came in very rusty orange colour. Simon decided to repaint those parts in order to match the accuracy of the on-screen helmet.

Below, some more shots of the rare Altmann's Boushh helmet, this time from Jason/SkyGunBros

IMO this is quite impressive and is a pretty good likeness to the Leia-worn RotJ Helmet

So as you can see its a pretty close likeness to the screen-used helmet - and given Return of the Jedi came out in 1983, its amazing that this is the ONLY licensed Boushh helmet ever made. Thank goodness for fan-made helmets!

Maybe one day a company like Anovos will decide to do a Boushh helmet. However the big problem with this character is the amount of effort/time required to make it really accurate. Sure Altmann's did a fine job with this, but it's a long way away from the Clothears fan-made version which really is superb. However, the reality is the amount of work required to mass-produce these, along with fact that its not what you'd really call a "major" character - probably makes this character too tough a commercial risk.