Memorabilia 2002
 August 4/5 2002, Birmingham NEC


You're going to have to excuse the quality of some of these photo's, they were taken while undercover monitoring local troop buildup, using a hidden video camera 

There were four troopers acting as primary security, along with a sandtrooper (their commander), and a scout. As you can see from these photo's, all were well armed and certainly willing to use force to suppress the human's present.

See this happy looking guy?
He wasn't smiling a couple of minutes later when they took him outside!

They were civil most of the time, and didn't push the locals around too much.

It was a hot afternoon, and their suspicions were aroused.....

My cover was blown......

And I made a sharp exit!

But not before Rachael94 was able to take a couple of snaps too.

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