Snowtrooper Helmets, Armor and Costumes

SW Movies Character Appeared in - ESB (TFA to follow)
Brief Prop and Costume History
Created for The Empire Strikes Back the Imperial Snowtroopers were created by  Ralph McQuarrie, Joe Johnston and John Mollo. Two different versions existed, the standard Snowtrooper and its Commander - a slightly more refined version of the standard trooper.
The Imperial Snowtrooper was the Empire's enhanced combat armour for cold-weather combat, with George Lucas's vision of them as a more advanced, and climate specific version of the standard Stormtroopers

Over the years a number of unlicensed producers have delivered some really excellent Snowtrooper helmets - with RS PropMasters now producing something that almost indistinguishable form the original screen-used helmets. There's been a few other fan-made providers of helmets and armor over the years including such as MonCal (the forerunner of the Anovos) and Italy's SSProps another fine example. However official/licensed Snowtroopers were almost unheard of until recently (2017) when Anovos stepped into the frame with the full costume.

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