Sideshow Collectibles Life-Size Yoda Bust

Now I have a sneaking suspicion that this awesome ESB Yoda was actually sculpted by Howard, a regular at the Replica Prop Forum and sculptor of a couple of fan-made pieces seen elsewhere on this site. Whoever it was has done a stunning job at capturing the look of the original puppet.

I took the photo above and close-up below at Sideshow's stand at Comic Con in San Diego in July 06.I'm not sure if pre-orders have started yet but its due to ship 4th Qtr of this year and retails at $550. Given its not in production yet, this must be the prototype but based on the quality of finish of the production Darth Maul's, I'm expecting these to be superb.

The detail in and around the eyes is incredible, it looks wonderful. The only negative I can throw at it is that its a bit of a shame its only a bust and not a complete life-size. However that's probably not fair accusation since they set-out to make a bust only, and probably the license didn't extend that far (not unlike the chap himself!).

Below a review of this bust by Ben Kenove, a real Sideshow fan!

The very first thing that blowed my mind when I opened the box was the material... I was expecting a very hard bust like the Maul one, made of hard resin painted, BUT, when I took off the box I was shocked that the material was flexible, not as flexible as a hollow latex mask could be, BUT for a solid bust was amazing... you can easily bend the ears and fingers... really really cool, but not only those parts BUT you can only FEEL the soft effect ALL OVER THE HEAD... that is something real really cool, I must admit that is much better than I ever thought...

The sculpture itself is really great... (amazing work from "Howard")... you can really feel the Yoda presence when you see it, and that is almost the best you can say of a bust... (It looks like he was alive :P... A friend was looking him closely for a while and told me... GOD, it looks like he is going to start to talk...! Really funny .The paint work is really really really really great... this is something that surprised me as well, great paint work... !!!

The hair is another great thing... it's made like the original prop (If I'm not wrong)... and the same way people do with the latex mask, punching hair by hair... (insane work, I think the makers thanked god that Yoda was almost bold!

As for the negative points - One of the things that bothers me more is the Stand... I really really hate it... I mean, that stand is great for Maul, cause it has the Ep.I look... but I really think it has nothing to do with the old trilogy one... (like Greedo or Yoda). I think they should have design another stand for the prequel busts... However you CAN cover the front of the stand with the clothes if you really don't like it.
Another negative point about it is the fabrics... they are not screen accurate.

Other thing that bothers me a little is the fact they didn't make the other hand?... wouldn't be too much work to make another hand, so why didn't they make it - $:$:$ ???

Finally It would have been cool if they could have included the necklace as well... cause it should go over the hands, maybe they forgot it?

So with all those minor points aside, I must conclude that this bust is really amazing !!! A real masterpiece... and all I can say is that it is worth every cent.

Great review Benkenove - Thanks!