Sideshow Collectibles Darth Maul Bust

First up the guy people say is "not half the man he used to be" (sorry!). The Sith Apprentice himself, Darth Maul. Made as a 1:1 scale head and shoulders bust, 1,000 of these were produced and it was quickly announced as "Sold Out" on Sideshow's website. Despite the edition size they typically fetch a high price on eBay.

Seeing this in person at Comic Con, along with the excellent photos below from Ben Kenove, convinced me to get one of these busts - and I'm really impressed.

It looks like its made from the same type solid resin structure Sideshow used for the Predator figure, its a substantial and heavy piece. Sideshow has formed the figure on a "Star Wars inspired" base which looks like they'll continue to use for other busts. Good news since it looks great, showing off the piece without being a distraction in iteslf.

The head/bust was not actually cast off Ray Park but instead a couple of very talented sculptors used countless images from the Lucasfilm archives plus what appears to have been a 360 degree photo shoot of Ray in order to have reproduced the likeness. Looking at the piece in person, as well as the photo below, I think they nailed it!

Note that the above shot is an amended version of the SC publicity photo, I've moved them side by side and ever so slightly increased the size of the Maul since it was originally a little further back in the shot.

A few more shots from Ben show off the profile, and a great little "extra" Sideshow provided with this bust. Not only did they provide a black fabric tunic covering the shoulders (under which the neck and shoulders are fully detailed), but they also provided a heavy cotton removable hood so you can display this piece with horns showing, or as he was first seen on Tattooine.

Providing the removable hood was a really great idea. SW fans are the worst at coming to any sort of agreement as to what they want to Sideshow has neatly side-stepped any criticisms by giving them everything. Nice one Sideshow!

Above, a close up showing the superb facial details around the eyes and teeth. As you can see the face has all the usual "dents" and pores you would expect. The eyes have a life-like sheen and the teeth appear to be rotting in the mouth.

To conclude, I must say that this is an excellent collectable. The finish is superb, which is no mean feat given it is still a mass produced item. Not sure how they painted it (human or robot) but who/whatever did it did a superb job as they have achieved a first-rate consistency of finish.  The addition of the black fabric tunic and separate  hood is a great idea and shows that Sideshow have been prepared to go the extra mile and augers well for forthcoming Star Wars pieces. Again many thanks to Ben for his excellent photo's.