Sideshow Collectibles General Grievous
 Life size Bust

Below, direct from San Diego Comic Con, here's some great shots from Sir Steve's Guide of their forthcoming General Grievous life-size bust.

Not sure whose responsible for the sculpt (or whether its direct from the Lucasfilm CG files)  -whatever it looks like a great job to us. As with all the Sideshow 1:1 busts I'm expecting this to be made from fiberglass with a polystone skin over the top

The eyes have that nice don't mess with me look, and as with the Bossk the skin sections have a cool wet-look about them. Productions for this was a high 750 - and priced around the $500 mark. Again thanks to Sir Steve's Guide for the photos.

Finally below a couple of official shots from Sideshow now that this is in production...

Again it looks like a really cool collectible from Sideshow if you're into the PT stuff...