Sideshow Collectibles Bossk Bust

Try saying that ten times!  Below, thanks to Si for these really great pictures of his Bossk bust from Sideshow

Announced earlier in 2007, its only recently started to ship earlier this month (December 07). As with all the sideshow busts it built on the same Star Wars inspired base. The run for this one was just 250.

It looks like an excellent piece - the only addition I would have been tempted to make would have been to add some of the yellow jumpsuit to the shoulder and arm areas - but otherwise there can be no complaints as it does look really cool. Love the wet look finish!

It looks like a really great rendition of the Trandoshan Bounty Hunter seen all too briefly in The Empire Strikes Back. Hopefully Lucas will devote an episode of the upcoming TV series to this interesting character.

And as a comparison, a fan-made Bossk bust (apologies as I don't know the owner), but the mask section came from the excellent work of Glitch. See what a difference the yellow jump suit makes?

Below, and again a couple of hi-res shots from sideshow.....

And finally a good close up of the face and eyes. You really don't want to get this close to Bossk!