Star Wars Week-ends

These photos (captured from video I took), were all from one of the DisneyWorld/MGM Star Wars weekend at MGM Studio's in Orlando, Fl. These are normally an annual event, which take place during May week-ends. Due to the Attack of the Clones release, May 2002 was skipped but it is hoped it will commence again in May 2003

Interestingly the Trooper armour is a soft material, with large vent holes around the eyes and frown to allow greater ventilation for the wearers. Give the Florida heat its understandable, but it does make the eyes look odd.

These guys are all good sports and are very good at staying in character.

I think I may have wound this one up a little too much.

Pesky Tusken Raiders about to nick my boy's hat

Ugly muther isn't he?

To think his Mummy used to call him Annie!