...more Fan-Made Leia Boushh Helmets

If you're on this page you've most likely seen the Clothears Boushh Helmet reviewed here - but away from that there have over the years been a number of other fan-made producers of this great RotJ Helmet. Here are some shots from DarthScooby of his Goldenarmor Boushh kit which I'm looking forward to seeing at the week-end as its due to be worn by a new UKG member.

Paul (Stealthtrooper) has put this together for his wife, a new Boushh costume which looks fantastic.

Thanks to TKLee for sending these. He's a couple of close-ups of Stealthtrooper's finished Boussh helmet which looks superb. The kit from GA is superb but there's still a lot of work pulling it together and Paul's done a great job. I really like the way this helmet combines the Leather and metal textures.

And below a couple of shots of the completed costume - excellent!

Yoda - ESB

This is just fantastic! Using one of CKing's ESB Yoda heads made by an anonymous artisan, KL has now finished this wonderful prop. For more info on this check out KL's site at OOhYeahKL.

As you can see the detailing on the head  and the hair looks to me to be bang-on!

The detailing in the face is wonderful, and just look at those Einstein eyes.
 "Hmmmmm, Luke....seek out this Vader. Pop a cap in his ass, you will" (or something)








Sept 06 - These next three shots are from Alan of his superb ESB Yoda which is based on the short-run sculpt done by Chewy 15. IIRC on a very limited number of these heads, hands and feet were done.

Alan's finished it off wonderfully. Note that this same sculpt formed the bases of the new Sideshow Collectibles Yoda statue (check out the Sideshow section)

Below, VashDstampede's sent me this shot of his excellent Yoda sculpt next to the (Gentle Giant) full size replica. More to come!

Below, another ESB Yoda, this time Als - which looks to have come from the same sculpt as that higher up the page. Superb!


And while we're on the subject, here's JimboBond's ESB Yoda head (unknown source) which hopefully one day will look like KL's great prop, above.

This particular one is made from a very soft rubber, which needs to be kept from drying out

Plo Koon-AOTC

...and finally (for the moment!) Riley Replica's Master Jedi Plo Koon from AOTC. Again an excellent life-size based around the standard Rubies mask (I think!?!)